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E-cig: science and manipulation. Is electronic cigarette harmful to health?

12:30 – 13:15 12 Saturday

A few months ago, we have attended a media campaign, promoted by the Government and supported by several scientific societies, aimed at raising public awareness about the risks of electronic cigarettes. While in other countries around us, e-cig is considered a risk reduction tool in smokers, in our country this instrument has been demonized. In the conference we will discuss and debate the causes of this phenomenon and offer objective and realistic information about the risks and benefits of using e-cig.


Fernando Caudevilla

Family doctor. Medicine Specialist. University expert in drug addiction. He combines his assistance activity as a family doctor in the Public Health Service, with different research, dissemination, training and direct patient care activities in fields such as chemsex, new drugs, crypto markets and therapeutic cannabis, among other fields.

Raúl del Pino (moderator)

He studied Psychology at the UNED in the mid 90s since his great passion was the modified states of consciousness and psychedelics as tools of personal growth and transcendence. In 1996 he created the first website in Spanish dedicated to drugs. Since then he has been committed to informing, in a realistic and objective way, about the topic of psychoactive substances. He is currently responsible for the digital área of Feria del Cáñamo.