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What is happening to psychedelics today?

18:15 – 19:30 12 Saturday

The medicalization of psychedelics is an opportunity to promote access to these substances on a global scale, but at the same time it is a reductionism of the potential of these active principles that have been used communally for millennia.

Òscar Parés

Graduate in Anthropology, Philosophy and Master in Drug Addiction. At the ICEERS Foundation, he coordinates educational and research projects in the field of cannabis and psychedelics.

Sarah Russo

Writer, researcher and creative director in the field of medicinal plants. He earned his degree in environmental studies from Evergreen State College. She is the founder of Herbs for the Apocalypse, a project to deepen connection to nature and build resilience.

Joan Manel Vilaseca

Graduated from film and audiovisuals, editor and professor of communication, he develops in parallel his interest in ethnobotany, phytochemistry, horticulture and sustainability. Collaborator of the ICEERS Foundation and initiatives related to education, research and harm reduction.