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From cannabis to psychedelics: pharmacological, therapeutic, cultural and legal issues

15:00 – 16:00 11 Saturday

The interest in psychedelics, both in popular culture and in the world of science, is unstoppable. Its equivalences with the culture and science of cannabis will be reviewed.

Jose Carlos Bouso (Spain)

José Carlos Bouso is a psychologist, doctor in Pharmacology and director of scientific projects at the ICEERS Foundation, where he conducts research on psychoactive plants such as cannabis, ayahuasca or ibogaine.

“Can CBD really reduce the effects of THC?”

CBD seems like it can reduce the effects of THC, but is that true? In this talk we will address the scientific evidence on this topic.

Alberto Sainz (Spain)

Graduated in Psychology, Master of Research in Neurosciences and predoctoral candidate in Psychopharmacology of cannabinoids. He has collaborated in research projects on genetics, physiological and neurocognitive effects of cannabis and its medicinal properties. He currently collaborates with the ICEERS foundation on projects related to medical cannabis.