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Ritual uses: cannabis and spirit

13:30 – 14:15 12 Saturday

We will talk about some of the rituals with Holy Mary (Cannabis sativa L.) in different cultures and traditions. What energy bring to us? The feminine? Mother? How the plant helps a deep connection with the inner being, to inspire us. It is a tool of consciousness and spiritual healing. Conscious and respectful use.

Mireia Berdún

Founder of La Encantada, a healing and spiritual retreat house in Castellterçol. She has been, since 2002, immersed in the knowledge of the spiritual and rituals uses of the master plants, especially with Holy Mary (Cannabis sativa L.).Mireia works with the Holy Mary in ceremonies of deep spiritual character, in order to maintain the state of attention and expansion of the heart, for reconnection with our higher purposes. Promotes careful, meditative and self-knowledge use of this sacred and healing plant.

Clara Sativa (moderator)

Graduated in journalism from the UCM, graduated from the Narco News México School of Authentic Journalism and a master's degree in Cinematography from the University of East London. Co-founder of Marihuana Televisión, Mujeres Cannábicas and REMA (State Network of Anti Prohibitionist Women), she has been informing and raising awareness about the world of cannabis and the war on drugs for almost a decade. She collaborates in different media and is co-creator and editor of the Documentary CANNÁBICAS, the first collective documentary of cannabis women in the world.