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No one is a prophet in his own land: the expansion of the CSCs in Europe

18:15 – 19:30 11 Saturday

The CSC model emerged in the Spanish State twenty years ago and, today, it has spread throughout Europe and beyond. At this table we will examine the health of a model that, while struggling to survive in its place of origin, is taking strong root in other neighboring countries.

Barbara Burri (Switzerland)

Barbara is a psychologist and works for the Public Health Services of the City of Zurich. She is the project manager of a pilot project, which examines various supply options and Cannabis products in the context of regulation.

Karen Mamo (Malta)

Karen holds an MSc in Addiction studies. In 2019, she set up the first Maltese social media page about harm reduction (Harm Reduction Malta). She is the co-author of “A social equity approach for cooperative and environmentally sustainable practices within Maltese Cannabis Associations”.   

Òscar Parés (Moderator)

Òscar (ICEERS Foundation) has dedicated part of his work to the publication of scientific publications on the phenomenon of Cannabis Social Clubs. He has also directed community development strategies with the group of people with health problems who use cannabis, as well as with health professionals.