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Adam Jacques--USA

Adam JacquesUSA

Adam Jacques is a Cannabis and Hemp geneticist from Eugene, Oregon U.S.A. He has founded cannabis clubs, dispensaries, recreational stores, medical grows, recreational grows and research projects. He is a feature writer for GROW Magazine. Awarded 2016's most inspirational person in the industry for his work with seizure disorders and helping direct changes in cannabis based laws.


Alex Pasternack --USA

Alex Pasternack USA

Alex is the EVP at Binske, a multi-state cannabis brand originating from Colorado. Today, Binske has 13 licensing deals in place and Alex has focused primarily on brand growth, strategy, and overall licensing. A recent article came out noting Binske as the 'largest brand in the world' and that is based on overall states signed and population of those states as an actual brand, not an MSO.


Ana Rodríguez--Spain

Ana RodríguezSpain

With a degree in Art History, Ana Rodríguez is manager of the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum of Barcelona, a modernist palace that houses the world's largest collection dedicated to the cannabis plant.


Bernardo Soriano--Spain

Bernardo SorianoSpain

CEO of S&F abogados and spokesperson for Responsible Regulation, an entity that is committed to the political incidence and technical work to implement a regulation that includes self-cultivation, Cannabis Social Clubs, commercial circuit access and medical cannabis access.

Clara Sativa--Spain

Clara SativaSpain

Clara Sativa (moderator). Licentiate degree in journalism from the UCM and graduated from the Narco News School of Authentic Journalism of Mexico. Co-founder of Marihuana Television, Cannabis Women and REMA (State Network Anti-Prohibitionist Women), she has been reporting and raising awareness about the cannabis world and the war on drugs for 8 years. She has coordinated the first documentary about Cannabis Women of the World and is a collaborator in different media.

Cristina Sánchez--Spain

Cristina SánchezSpain

Sánchez has a degree in Psychology from the UCM and a postgraduate degree in International Cooperation. He has developed his career in the third sector, managing projects mainly in the social, educational and health fields. She is currently part of the ICEERS Foundation team as coordinator of educational and outreach projects on therapeutic cannabis.



Fernando Caudevilla--Spain

Fernando CaudevillaSpain

Family medicine physician. Medical Advisor for Energy Control. He has been working for the last ten years in several different research, counselling and outreach projects about the therapeutic uses of cannabis, offered for healthcare professionals, cannabis associations and the general public. Regular contributor to the Cannabis Magazine.

Gabriel Miró Miquel--Spain

Gabriel Miró MiquelSpain

Lawyer specialized in criminal law, professor in the Master of Criminology of the University of Barcelona. Member of the Cannabis Policy Studies Group (GEPCA), formed by specialists in the field of cannabis and public health, who have worked for two years in the elaboration of a model of regulation outside political and corporate interests.

Genís Oña--Spain

Genís OñaSpain

Genís is a psychologist and specialist in pharmacological research. He has a Master inSciences of the Central Nervous System and a Master in Pharmacology. He made his Master thesis at the Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital, where he worked in phase “I” clinical trials of acute drug administration psychoactive and experimental drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. He is currently developing scientific research at ICEERS and in the Medical Anthropology Research Center, focusing on the relationship between psychedelic drugs and health.

Héctor Brotons Albert--Spain

Héctor Brotons AlbertSpain

Principal of Brotsanbert Legal Study. Law Degree from the Alicante University and graduate in the Legal Practice School of the Alicante’s Bar Association. Criminal Law and Public Health specialist. He advises Cannabis Social Clubs all over Spain. Law advisor at FAC (Federation of Cannabis Associations) and other platforms. He has advocated more than a thousand of cannabis-related cases, also counseling foreign lawyers.

Jorge Soto--Spain

Jorge SotoSpain

Jorge Soto is the CEO of Ananda Lab and a regular contributor to specialized publications. Since the first seed germinated, back in the late 90s, he has devoted most of his time to the study of cannabis and its derivatives, and has become a key player in the evolution of cannabis analysis in our country.

José Carlos Bouso--Spain

José Carlos BousoSpain

José Carlos Bouso is a clinical psychologist and PhD in pharmacology. He has studied the long-term effects of substances such as cannabis, cocaine and ayahuasca, as well as studies of acute effects of different drugs of natural and synthetic origin. He has also done research on the therapeutic uses of MDMA (ecstasy). He is currently Director of Scientific Projects at the ICEERS Foundation where he conducts studies on long-term effects of ayahuasca, medical cannabis properties and anti-addictive potential benefits of ibogaine.

Kyle Kushman--EE.UU

Kyle KushmanEE.UU

Kyle Kushman, former Cultivation Editor of High Times Magazine, World renowned cultivator, 13 times Cannabis Cup Award Winner, Educator, and Creator of Vegamatrix, a veganic nutrient line for growing Cannabis. Kyle has been featured in the New York Times Magazine, Netflix, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Rolling Stone and Playboy to name a few.



The counterinformation media, born as an audiovisual response to the indifference of the main media and institutions to cover in a dignified and plural way the news about the cannabis culture. It is the first YouTube channel on the Spanish-language about the plant in the world, created by audiovisual professionals and activists who are committed to transforming society.

Mario Land--Cuba

Mario LandCuba

Mario is a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the Latin American School of Medicine, Cuba. His international career took him to Spain, where he lives currently, combining his work activity in the field of Public Health, Medicine Primary Care, Hospital Emergencies and Drug Addictions. He is involved as a doctor in national and international Cannabis Societies and Associations, where he investigates the potential of Therapeutic Cannabis.

Miguel Gimeno--Spain

Miguel GimenoSpain

Marihuana Televisión is a counter-information media, born as audiovisual response to the indifference of the mainstream media and institutions to cover in a dignified and plural way the different aspects of the culture of cannabis.

Mireia Berdún--Spain

Mireia BerdúnSpain

Co-founder of La Encantada, a healing and spiritual retreat house in Castellterçol. She has been, since 2002, immersed in the knowledge of the spiritual and rituals uses of the master plants, especially with Holy Mary (Cannabis sativa L.).Mireia works with the Holy Mary in ceremonies of deep spiritual character, in order to maintain the state of attention and expansion of the heart, for reconnection with our higher purposes. Promotes careful, meditative and self-knowledge use of this sacred and healing plant.

Òscar Parés--Spain

Òscar ParésSpain

Òscar Parés Franquero has a degree in Philosophy and Anthropology from the University of Barcelona, ​​and has completed a master's degree in drug addiction at the same university. Currently, he is deputy director of the ICEERS foundation, where he promotes social, educational and research projects in the field of cannabis social clubs, as well as drug policy reform. Since the organization of the CANNABMED 2016 congress, ICEERS promotes a process of sociopolitical transformation in the field of medicinal cannabis.

Nothing about patients without patients

Patty Amiguet --Spain

Patty Amiguet Spain

ConFAC spokesperson, president of CatFAC and cannabis activist. Graduated in Administration and Finance, she changed the numbers for the cannabis fight. Advocates for a comprehensive regulation of the cannabis and for a change in all current drug policies. The ConFAC is the cannabis organization that brings together the largest number of groups that defend the personal and collective self-cultivation of cannabis in the State.

Raúl del Pino--Spain

Raúl del PinoSpain

Raúl del Pino was born in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1972. He studied Psychology at the UNED in the mid 90s since his great passion was the Modified States of Consciousness and psychedelics as tools of personal growth and transcendence.

In 1996, right on the high point of the new psychedelic awakening, he created the first website in Spanish dedicated to drugs. It was the same year that publications such as "Cañamo" were born and international conferences were held in Barcelona on entheogens.

Since then he has been committed to informing, in a realistic and objective way, about the topic of psychoactive substances and the Modified States of Consciousness by creating numerous articles on psychedelics, actively participating in forums and in general in the dissemination of information in this matter.

In 2008 he became part of the "Feria del Cáñamo" team as Head of Communication for Spannabis and Chief Editor of the magazine "Cannabis Magazine". He is currently responsible for the digital area.

Rezwan Khan--USA

Rezwan KhanUSA

Rezwan Khan is the VP of Global Corporate Development for DNA Genetics, co-Founder of seedleSs, and the President of the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC)."Rez" is one of the most widely-respected voices within the world-wide cannabis community with decades of hands-on experience in the issues facing international and emerging cannabis marketplaces.


Salvador García--Spain

Salvador GarcíaSpain

Aurora Medicine Spain, subsidiary of the Canadian company Aurora Cannabis, main producer and worldwide distributor of medical cannabis, has started its activities in Spain during the year 2019. Salvador Garcia-Ruiz is its general director.

Sandra Moñino--Spain

Sandra MoñinoSpain

Sandra has a Diploma in Social Work from the University of Barcelona, ​​and she works professionally as a social worker in different entities both in the public and private sector for 11 years. She is currently coordinator in the UPRC, where it is responsible for internal planning and management, as well as for the integral care to the partner.

Toni Benages--Spain

Toni BenagesSpain

With a degree in Fine Arts, comic artist and illustrator Toni Benages is a comic professor at the Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny Pau Gargallo and director of the fantastic and horror film festival Cryptshow Festival.

Virginia Montañés--Spain

Virginia MontañésSpain

Virginia is a journalist, social anthropologist and naturopath. For more than two decades she has worked as a researcher in the field of drug policy. She has coordinated The Commission of Study for the Regulation of Cannabis in Andalusia (CERCA) and the ENCOD section in Spain. She currently directs the Karissa Center and is a regular contributor to several specialized magazines.

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